West Palm Beach Pest Control

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West Palm Beach is home to a variety of dangerous pests. Florida mosquitoes can cause an outbreak of West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue fever and dog heartworm. Although they typically feed at dawn and dusk, some species of mosquitoes, such as Yellow Fever and Asian Tiger, bite during the day as well. Bee stings can produce in a life-threatening allergic reaction. According to medical literature, rodents harbor and transmit several serious diseases, such as typhus, salmonella and rat-bite fever.

Dangers of Pests

Bees and rodents can cause considerable property damage when constructing their nests and hives both inside and outside of your home. In addition to wood, rodents gnaw through electrical wiring, which increases the risk of fire. These pests are difficult to remove because they generally reside in inaccessible locations like walls.

Avoid contact with these pests. People can become ill by touching a rodent’s body and their droppings. Bees may swarm and attack if they are disturbed. An Africanized, or killer, bee colony is particularly aggressive and can inflict hundreds of stings that require prompt medical treatment. Bees and mosquitoes can make the time outdoors miserable and prevent the enjoyment of a backyard barbecue or swimming pool.

Pest Control From Hometown

At Hometown Pest Control, our technicians have the training and equipment to quickly identify where the hive or nest is located and use the proper techniques to eliminate the problem safely. We can also implement the steps required to reduce potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Effective pest control measures can reduce the mosquito population while eliminating bee and rodent infestations. Contact us today for more information on how our pest control techniques will protect the investment that you have in your home and make outdoor activities more pleasurable.