Tackling a Rat Infestation in Florida

A rodent problem is a problem no property owner wants to deal with, especially rats! Not only can rats spread diseases and allergic reactions, but they can also destroy your property with their gnawing of wires and wood, soiling insulation, and the loss of reputation if spotted by customers and guests.

Rat glue traps found in stores may slow down your rodent problem, but it’s not enough to eliminate rats in the long term. Hometown Pest Control’s technicians have the knowledge, training, and tools necessary to resolve your rat problems.

We determine the level of infestation, where they may have entered, and their source of food. Once we remove those factors, it’s unlikely that rats will return.

Rats Found in Florida Homes and Businesses

Norway Rats

The Norway rat lives around seacoasts and canals. They survive successfully on an ounce per day of water or decayed food along with an ounce of water. These rats search for food from 100-150 feet from their nesting area.

A Norway rat digging may damage building foundations, erode levees banks, break sewer lines, and destroy your landscape.

You can identify Norway rats by their reddish-brown fur, chubby body, blunt snout, and a long tail that exceeds their combined head and body length. A full-size adult weighs between three-fourth and one pound.

Roof Rats

This rat is the species you are more likely to see in Florida. Roof rats will nest in attics and roof enclaves inside your home. If found outdoors, they live in palm trees and ornamental shrubbery.

With black, dull gray, or tan fur with a light belly, this type of rat weighs between a half to a full pound. A roof rat’s tail exceeds its head and body length.

It can be challenging to identify the rat species infesting your property. If you see signs of rats, including their droppings, chewed wires, or damaged wood, a licensed pest control professional will find their nesting and create a plan for their removal.

Thorough Rodent Control Services

Rats enter properties through unsealed air conditioning lines, roof vents, plumbing pipes, garage vents, and adjoining roof areas to damage the pipes, wood, wires, and insulation.

Hometown Pest Control makes sure to close access routes with our rodent exclusion service Any entry point into your property that is a quarter of an inch (the width of a pencil) or larger is sealed with the latest rodent proofing materials so they cannot return to the nest. Next, we apply an entry-limiting screen to all travel routes, to limit the chance of re-entry.

Rodent traps are another effective way to trap rats. Trained technicians regularly check each trap. Our rodent monitoring program includes the placement of tamper-proof bait stations fixed to locations around the perimeter of your home or business.

Once rats enter your attic, they leave quite a mess. Our Attic Clean-up and Insulation Replacement program cleans up insulation contaminated with rat urine, feces, fur, and parasites. We can clean up, disinfect, and replace your attic’s insulation.

We are dedicated to removing and preventing rats from homes and businesses in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton, FL, with professionalism and superior customer service. You can trust that every licensed technician continues their training to stay current with the latest rat control techniques.

Rats Don’t Stand a Chance

Hometown Pest Control offers a quick response on service requests and usually the same day when you see the first signs of a potential rat infestation. In areas where rats seem to thrive, you need a routine program to eliminate these pests. A service program removes rats from your home where they don’t bother coming back. No two properties are the same. We’ll create a program that suits your needs.

Take back control and start undoing the damage from bothersome rodents by scheduling a free inspection and discussing our various treatments. Hometown Pest Control follows all state and federal regulations.