Remove and Keep Rodents Away from Your Property

All property owners can agree no one wants a rodent problem. If you see one, you can believe there are more. Not only can they damage your property’s reputation, but mice and rats may also bring disease, affect those with allergies, and cause substantial damage to your property. 

Traps and chemical products purchased in hardware stores may not dispose of these pests as thoroughly as you desire. Save your time and stress. A Hometown Pest Control professional provides the licensed skills to keep a rodent infestation at bay.

Common Rodents in Florida

Roof Rats

The most common invader in Floridian homes is the roof rat. You can find them living in your attics, roof enclaves, as well as palm trees and ornamental shrubbery in your yard. These climbers usually nest above ground and actively destroy electrical wires and structures in your attic’s rafters.

Roof rats’ color ranges from black, dull gray to tan with a light belly. An adult rat’s weight varies from a half to a full pound with a long tail that exceeds head and body length.

Norway Rats

This rat species is found around seacoasts and canals in areas near improperly stored garbage. They will survive quite well on an ounce per day of waste or decayed food along with an ounce of water. These rats search for food from 100-150 feet from their nesting area.

Unlike roof rats who nest above ground, Norway rats burrow under buildings or concrete slabs. If not eliminated, a Norway rat digging may damage building foundations, erode levees banks, break sewer lines, and destroy your landscape.

You can identify Norway rats with their reddish-brown fur, chubby body, blunt snout, and a long tail that exceeds their combined head and body length. Full-size adults weigh between three-fourth and one pound. They have between 8 to 12 pups in a litter and up to 7 litters per year.

House Mice

Usually living in fields, they migrate into homes living within your walls, cabinets, and furniture. Surviving on whatever food they can find; house mice can live on 1/10 ounce of food and 1/20 ounce of food per day. Water isn’t necessary for them to survive if the food available is high in moisture. House mice look for food and water between 10 to 30 feet away from their shelter.

You can identify these mice by their brown to gray fur with a long tail. Adult house mice weigh a ½ ounce. They have between 5 or 6 pups per litter and up to 8 litters per year.

Bringing Disease and Destruction

The roof and Norway rats and house mice eat whatever humans stored improperly or thrown away as garbage. They also contaminate the area with excessive urine, droppings, and hair.

Rodents are carriers of various diseases, including bubonic plague, murine typhus, spirochetal jaundice, Leptospirosis, Rabies, ratbite fever, and bacterial food poisoning.

Rodents often enter properties through unsealed heating and air conditioning lines, roof vents, plumbing, garage vents, and adjoining roof areas. They also destroy residential and commercial Florida properties by gnawing matches and electrical wires that can start fires. 

Our licensed and highly trained technicians are here to help stop your rodent problem.

Take Back Your Home from Rodents

Hometown Pest Control inspects your property to find where rodents live, how they got inside your home or business, exterminate them, and show you how you can prevent reinfestation by the following ways:

Rodent Exclusion Service

Seal all accessible entry points into the structure that are a quarter of an inch or larger in diameter with rodent-proof materials.

Rodent Trapping

Rodent snap and glue trap placement are regularly checked by our trained team.

Rodent Monitoring

Tamper-proof traps can be placed around the perimeter of your property. A technician uses an anticoagulant rodenticide to control rodent populations outside of your property to lessen their breeding.

Attic Clean-up and Insulation Replacement

Roof rats can contaminate your property’s insulation with their urine, feces, fur, and parasites. These disease-causing contaminants will remain in your home’s insulation and create an unhealthy condition that remains long after the animals are gone. We can replace and disinfect your attic’s insulation.

Hometown Pest Control will show you how to make your home inaccessible to rodents. Contact us for an inspection today. We service properties in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton, FL.