Full Termite Protection...Guaranteed!

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Full Termite Protection...Guaranteed!

Termites cost Americans over $6 Billion in damage each year!

Other Advantages of Termidor:

  • America’s #1 termite defense with over 3 million homes treated since 2000
  • The world’s most effective termiticide over 12 years
  • Starts working immediately and completely rids homes of termites faster than any other product
  • The unique Transfer Effect of Termidor, means affected termites help pass Termidor on to their entire population before dying themselves
  • Responsible low-dose treatment, with no odor
  • Termidor can only be applied by pest professionals who have been properly trained and Termidor-Certified

Why is Termidor more effective than traditional Bait Systems?

Bait stations are placed 8-10 feet apart around the perimeter of your home. A termite is less than 1/2 inch long. There is no guarantee that termites will come into contact with a bait station.

Termidor provides a continuous barrier of protection around your home. Termites will come in contact with the solution and transfer it to other termites eliminating the entire colony.

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