Mosquito Control Service for Broward County and Palm Beach County

If your backyard has become overrun with pesky, biting mosquitoes, then give Hometown Pest Control a call. Our mosquito control service provides effective options for every budget that lets you take back your yard from pesky mosquitoes. Hometown’s Mosquito Control program is designed to greatly reduce the mosquito population by applying materials to mosquito breeding and harborage areas. 

  1. An inspection to the exterior of the home is performed to identify any standing water issues that need to be addressed and to find potential breeding sites.
  2. A spray application is performed around the home focusing on shrubs and trees that can hold water.
  3. Treatment schedule that is monthly during mosquito season, which is March through November.
  4. Any “call-backs” needed between services are performed at no additional charge for mosquitoes. In addition, if you know you have an upcoming event outside, you can call and we will re-treat prior to the event at no additional charge.

Let Hometown Pest Control treat your Mosquitoes before an Outdoor Event

We also offer one-time mosquito treatments for special events. It can be a valuable addition for outside events such as sporting events, receptions and company picnics.

  • Outdoor Weddings
  • Recreation Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Cookouts
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduations

Please contact us at least three days prior to event to schedule your service. The service usually takes place the day before the event.