Fight Ficus Whitefly with the Proper Treatments

Ornamental and vegetable plants with yellowing or dropping leaves may not signify a lack of sunshine, water, or nutrients. The discoloring and leaf loss of your Ficus plant or hedges may be a sign of ficus whitefly infestation. Stop this pest from destroying your landscape and vegetation the professional way.

The first signs of the whitefly infestation began at the end of August 2017 when property owners noticed their ficus plants lost their foliage and the yellowing of the leaves. The culprit happened to be tiny insects with yellowish pale bodies and four whitish wings identified as ficus whiteflies.

Whiteflies thrive in warm weather areas like Boca Raton, FL, and its populations multiply where they don’t have natural enemies. A licensed pest control technician can help stop whiteflies from feasting on your plants.

Take steps to view the underside of the ficus leaves to check for whitefly infestation. The leaves’ underside may have tiny silvery-white spots that are the old skins of the immature whiteflies. Adult whiteflies look like small, white moths that fly when you touch the plant.

If you have leaf defoliation or branch dieback, you’ve had the infestation for a while, but a defoliated ficus may still be alive. The plant will produce new growth in a few weeks if the twigs are elastic. An infected plant isn’t a lost cause. Rest assured that there are various ways to combat ficus whitefly while working with pest control management.

Manual Removal of Infested Plants

Controlling the ficus whitefly in the Baton Rouge area is challenging to manage on your own. However, there are things you can do to avoid an infestation from spreading to vegetation on your property. A good place to start is to remove the infested plant, tree, or leaves, and use a hose to wash away the flies. 

Protect the Natural Enemies of Ficus Whitefly

A ficus whitefly population will continue to spread if it doesn’t have natural enemies to lessen its numbers. The misuse of insecticide applications by those not familiar with pest control intended to destroy whiteflies might affect beneficial predators that hunt whiteflies. A pest control plan can help you control your Ficus whitefly problem safely and effectively. 

Prevent Whiteflies with Reflective Mulch Protection

Reflective mulch will not only deter whiteflies, but it will enhance your vegetation and control weeds. It’s a shiny reflective material that repels whiteflies away from small plants. A licensed technician can explain how this measure can help your vegetation grow while preventing annoying outdoor pests.

Call Hometown Pest Control

Once you discover the first sign, call Hometown Pest Control to get on a maintenance service program. We are licensed and experienced to help solve the problem so your plants and trees can continue to grow healthy.