A Defense Against a Pest Property Invasion

No one wants unwanted guests—especially if they are insects. If you see one, you know there’s one or more colonies with a number hidden within the walls, ceiling, floors, attic, basement, yard, and even the ground.

If you have a pest problem, we are the experts with the solution.

Your home, family, and pets are your priority to keep safe. Pests can endanger a home’s inhabitants or its structure. At the first sign of a pest problem, a Hometown pest management professional will identify the insect or rodent species, the level of infestation, and then discuss your options. Take back your home from annoying pests.

Florida Pests in Your Home

In Florida’s warm climate, insects and rodents can not only cause health problems like allergies and disease but property damage not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Hometown Pest Control will safely and responsibly inspect and treat your property to help keep you and your family safe.

Superior Pest Control for Businesses

Pest control services can benefit commercial properties of all types. No matter the industry, you can lose business if a customer spots an insect. Hometown Pest Control’s preventive and control measures can help your business achieve desired results so you can focus less on pests, and more on your business.

Our technicians offer services to homes and businesses throughout Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Pompano Beach, and many other locations throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties since 1997. We understand the pests of Florida and the most effective ways to control them.

Evict Pests from Your Florida Property

Hometown Pest Control has the experience and the tools to make bugs find your property inhospitable. Protect your home and family throughout the year with regular inspections and treatments with Hometown Pest Control’s Monthly General Household Plan.

General Pest Control

The process begins with an initial inspection of your home to identify any existing issues. We offer monthly services and offer free call-backs for covered pests between scheduled visits. 

Bed Bug Control

Aptly named “bed bugs” because they are commonly found in sleeping areas, they can actually be found in many other places like sofas and nightstands. 

Bed bugs feed while you are sleeping or are inactive. Adult bed bugs appear brown and flat before feeding, and redden plus swells after feeding. Signs you have bed bugs include small red itchy welts on your body, dark spots on your sheets, and actual bed bugs. Learn more about our bed bug control services today. 

Stinging Insect Removal

Don’t endanger your safety if you have a swarm of wasps or bees on your property. Rely on experts in relocating bee swarms, hives, and honeycombs from your yard. Keep your home safe from all stinging pests, including Africanized honeybees, wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets. Hometown Pest Control has the experience and ability to handle your bee removal, wasp removal and more! 

Mosquito Control

Do mosquitoes keep you from enjoying the outdoors? Take back your yard from those pesky, biting mosquitoes. There’s an option for every budget. Our Mosquito Control program dramatically reduces the mosquito population by inspecting your property and applying materials to mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Let the experts take care of your mosquito control and get back to enjoying your lawn! 

Rodent Control

Rats, mice, and other rodents are responsible for, or implicated in, the spread of many diseases to humans and domestic animals throughout history. Rodents also cause structural damage and pipes and wires that may result in fires, equipment malfunctions, and power shortages. These tiny creatures can cause a lot of damage. There are different types of rodents that could be infecting your home or business, like Norway rats and roof rats.

Mice can breed fast, chew wires, eat your food, and contaminate your house. Mice love to shelter in walls and hidden spaces like cabinets. If you think think you need mouse control, give Hometown Pest Control a call!

There are other types of rodents that can plague your property. Rats are often bigger than mice and cause just as much damage. We provide extensive rat control no matter where they are hiding!

If you’re not sure what type of rodent is on your property, but you want to it gone,  Hometown Pest Control provides rodent control of all types. Let us help you get peace of mind.

Termite Control

Termites cause significant damage if the infestation spreads. The three most common species found in Florida are the Formosan Subterranean, eastern subterranean, and drywood termites. If not found on time, they can damage your home, and it’s likely your homeowner’s insurance does not cover the damage. A regular inspection allows you to decide early on how to stop termites. Learn more about termites and how you should start termite control before its too late. 

Schedule a free inspection and discuss our one-time treatments, monthly services, and annual services. No two properties are the same, and we’ll create a program that fits your needs. We have various service plans and options that are available to treat your home or business. Contact one of our professionals today!