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Whether you reside in a Homeowner Association (HOA), Non-HOA, or a 55+ community in Greenacres, pest control is important to ensure the health and safety of your home and family. While an HOA can provide many benefits within a community (and pest control may be an important benefit depending on your community), you may still need preventative year round pest control or treatment for occasional pest problems inside of your home. At Hometown, we offer one-time treatments, monthly services, and annual services depending on your pest control needs.

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Keeping your home pest-free can be a full-time job. The professionals at Hometown Pest Solutions can help! We offer fast and effective, same day pest control, lawn and ornamental care, termite control, bed bug treatments, ant control, mosquito treatments, and much more for homeowners.

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Beginning with a free inspection of your home, we can create a program that fits your needs or perform a guaranteed one-time service to eliminate immediate pest problems. While one-time services are an option for the short-term, we strongly recommend our annual services to keep the pests away year round. As a bonus when you pay for 10 months up front, you will receive two months of free service for our annual home service. To learn more about our different service plans and options that are available to treat your home or business, contact us today

We proudly offer the following exterior services:

Hometown Provides Greenacres Pest Control and Extermination of the following pests:

Ants: It is necessary to properly identify the ant species that you have to eradicate them effectively. Of the thousands of species of ants, the most commonly found in the United States include pavement ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and red fire ants. If you have an ant problem, give Hometown Pest a call since the growing ant colony can become a problem quickly, as ants mature from juveniles to adults within a matter of days. Here at Hometown, we realize that you do not want these pests in your home, which is why we offer services to prevent and eliminate ant problems.

Cockroaches: The four main species are the American, German, Asian, and Oriental cockroaches. These vary in size from about 1/2″ (German), up to 2″ (American). In Florida, the species that is most common in homes are usually the German roaches. Once you have a cockroach infestation, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them by yourself. Cockroaches multiply very quickly, and they also adapt quickly, too. It is important to contact Hometown Pest control quickly if you see them in your home or business.

Silverfish: Silverfish are shaped like a flattened carrot and are silver or gray. They grow to be between ½and ¾ of an inch long and have three tail-like appendages at the tip of the abdomen. Silverfish are very active at night and can run very quickly. If you suspect silverfish are living in your home, please give us a call.

Bed Bugs: Unfortunately, bed bugs can often be difficult to detect, and once you do recognize they are there, they can be even more difficult to get rid of. This is one of the few pests that you definitely want to hire Hometown to address since trying to eliminate bed bugs on your own with DIY products is rarely successful and may result in spreading the bugs throughout your home. Pricing depends upon the level of infestation in your home as well as the technician’s time spent treating and the materials used. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Mice and Rodents: Mice and rats are a problem when they find their way into your home. They like to be near humans so that they have a ready supply of food. There are more than 2,200 different rodents, and together they make up more than 40% of all mammals. In this group, you will find mice, rats, squirrels, capybaras, nutria, chipmunks, prairie dogs, and many more.

Removing rodents can sometimes be accomplished with mouse traps, but a larger infestation (especially with rats or larger rodents) can be a larger issue that requires the expertise of Hometown. Please give us a call if you suspect rodents are living in your home.

Termites: If your home is located in South Florida, your home is vulnerable to Termites. These wood eating creatures are responsible for millions of dollars in building repairs across the U.S. every year, and your homeowner’s insurance rarely covers the damages.

South Florida is home to several types of Termites, including the most common Subterranean, Subterranean Formosan and the infamous Drywood Termites. Because Termites are secretive insects, they can go undetected and cause considerable and expensive damage to your home. Most people do not know they have Termites until they see swarmers, which to the untrained eye look like flying ants. Learn how to protect your greatest investment with Hometown, give us a call today.

Beetles: Beetles make up the largest category of insects in the world, accounting for approximately 25% of all life forms on earth. In fact, there are more than 5 million different species of beetles. Treating for beetles requires proper knowledge of the type of beetle species you are trying to eliminate. Wood eating beetles, for instance, cannot be effectively treated using sprays because they are located deep within wood. If you think you may have a beetle infestation, Hometown Pest Control has the knowledge, resources, and solutions to eliminate the problem.

Mosquitoes: Nearly everyone in Florida is affected by mosquitoes during the warmer months of the year. These pests swarm at outdoor events and breed prolifically in stagnant water–from bird baths to discarded tires–even puddles from the latest rainfall. Certain land features, such as swamps, reservoirs, and retention ponds, are virtual breeding grounds for mosquitoes. And, all it takes is one tenacious pest to infiltrate your home and make everyone inside miserable. At Hometown, we specialize in mosquito control to keep you and your family safe. Learn more about our mosquito control plans.

Spiders: There are numerous types of spiders in Florida and Hometown can provide treatments to eliminate spiders from your home. If you have noticed spiders in your home, contact Hometown Pest Control since we know the most effective, safest way to eliminate the spider problem, and provide recommendations to keep them away in the future.

Whiteflies: Ficus whitefly is an exotic pest first detected in 2007. It was first reported attacking ficus trees and hedges in Miami-Dade County, but now it is found in all of South Florida. The ficus whitefly causes extensive damage to ficus trees and hedges. The leaves of ficus trees infested with whiteflies begin to turn yellow before the leaves are dropped from the plant and defoliation is one of the most obvious symptoms of an infestation of ficus whitefly.

Hometown Pest Control has an effective program to keep ficus whiteflies from attacking trees and hedges. Our program is based on recommendations from the University of Florida. Call us today to learn more.

Ticks: Ticks transmit a number of diseases as a result of feeding off both human and animal hosts. Examples include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Q Fever, Tularemia, Tick Paralysis and Meningoencephalitis. For the best results in combating a tick infestation, contact Hometown Pest Control.

Bees: At Hometown, we provide service for all stinging pests such as Africanized Honey bees, wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets. Be safe and don’t try a DIY solution to eliminate nests on your own. Our specialists can safely and effectively eliminate nests on your home or property. Give us a call today for fast service.

We also provide service for pests such as earwigs, snowbugs, millipedes, and pillbugs.

We also offer the following Exterior Services:

  • Lawn and Ornamental Pests and Disease
  • Lawn fungus treatments in Greenacres, FL
  • Spiraling Whitefly Treatments
  • Palm Tree Maintenance in Greenacres
  • Mosquito Control in Greenacres, FL
  • Flea and tick Control in Greenacres
  • Greenacres Bee Removal
  • Bird Control in Greenacres, FL

At Hometown, we understand the pests of Florida and the most effective ways to control them. We’ll leave your home pest-free, ensuring that you and your family are happy for years to come.

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