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Not far from Miami, Palm Beach Gardens is a great place to raise a family. Along with the seemingly never-ending sunshine and warm weather, the area offers excellent recreation centers, an aquatic complex, tennis courts, golf courses, fine dining, and theaters. Palm Beach Gardens offers something for everyone.

The one thing that’s difficult to avoid is the presence of pests. As you live your life and run your business, there’s a chance bugs and rodents may invade your property and interfere with your life. If you do spot one of these pests, there’s a chance more are hiding throughout your home. When this happens, be sure not to waste your time on products that may not work. Connect with a professional technician  at Hometown Pest Control to learn about our various programs to keep your property pest-free.

A Customized Program for Your Palm Beach Gardens, FL Home

Since 1997, our skilled pest control technicians have identified your pest problems and have found the best way to solve the issue. No two properties are the same and Hometown Pest Control provides a comprehensive pest management program based on your home’s unique needs. Best of all, we offer free estimates so you can understand the treatment plan before you move forward.

Protecting Your Palm Beach Gardens, FL Businesses

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Hometown Pest Control provides Palm Beach Gardens, FL businesses with thorough, solid preventative and control measures to help safeguard your business. Easily pass inspections, impress your customers, and give yourself peace of mind with our pest control programs.

Hometown Offers the Following Services:

General Pest Control in Palm Beach Gardens

First, we inspect your home thoroughly to identify pests, then we provide a suggested treatment protocol and offer monthly services. Additionally, we offer callbacks for covered pests  between scheduled visits. In instances where the callback is for a problem that is not covered in your current plan, we will provide a free inspection of your property and work to help rid these pests from your property.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are easily spread by clothes, backpacks, purses, and other soft materials like cushions. Commonly found in mattresses and box springs, but bed bugs can exist anywhere humans are present . If you have red itchy welts on your arms and legs and tiny blood splotches on your bedding, it’s time to give us a call. Visit us online to  learn more about our bed bug control service.

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects are aggressive insects and possibly deadly to those allergic to their sting. Never attempt to remove bees, hornets, or wasps on your own, as they can be very dangerous. Hometown applies repellent materials to discourage new colony infestation, working to ensure these pests are controlled. Keep your home safe from all stinging pests by giving Hometown a call today!

Mosquito Control in Palm Beach Gardens

Don’t miss the beautiful Palm Beach Gardens sunshine because you have to hide from mosquitos. Hometown Pest Control works hard to control mosquito activity. If you are looking for reliable mosquito control services in Palm Beach Gardens, be sure to reach out!

Ficus Whitefly Treatments 

Ficus whiteflies do not have natural enemies and are free to thrive and destroy your beautiful plants. Hometown Pest Control is here to stop them by offering you a maintenance program to protect your plants from a whitefly infestation. 

Rodent Control in Palm Beach Gardens

Rats and mice can chew through wires and building materials. They carry fleas and ticks, which can spread disease. Don’t let them harm your family, customers, or property. Learn how Hometown Pest Control works to control rodents in your home or business by giving us a call.

Palm Beach Gardens Termite Control

If not found on time, termites can severely damage your home, and it’s likely your homeowner’s insurance will refuse to cover the damage. When you notice live swarms, discarded wings, pin-sized exit holes, darkening or blistered wood, and tiny droppings, call for an inspection right away. Learn more about our termite control services and schedule a free assessment.

Schedule a free inspection and discuss our various treatment services. Hometown Pest Control’s main priority is to keep you safe from stinging and biting pests. Bugs and rodents can endanger a home’s inhabitants or the structure itself. If you notice a pest issue, a pest management professional will identify the species, the level of infestation and then discuss your options.

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