What Attracts Rodents?

Food Sources

Like so many other pests in the area, rodents are always on the search for new food sources. Your home can easily become a target. Because mice and rats have such a keen sense of smell, it’s especially important to avoid leaving behind crumbs. Even a tiny morsel of food will attract the attention of rodents. Develop a habit of sweeping and cleaning on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to frequently take out the trash.

Open Entryways

Some homeowners make it far too easy for rodents too come inside. Rodents have an amazing ability to fit into even the tiniest of openings. To prevent an infestation, you must keep your dwelling tightly sealed at all times. Once rodents get inside, they will begin to breed extremely quickly. While some pests tend to hibernate during the winter months, mice remain active throughout the year. Take the time to carefully inspect your home for cracks and holes.

Excess Clutter

Rodents are naturally drawn to clutter. It gives them more places to hide. Try to avoid keeping things in your home that you don’t need. Hoarding extra stuff makes your home far more appealing to rodents. If you have any old clothes piled up, donate them to charity. From your closet to the basement, check your entire home for unused items.

Poorly Maintained Yards

Make it a priority to maintain your yard. Rodents love to take refuge in weeds and tall grass. Mowing your yard regularly and collecting old leaves can make a big difference. Of course, getting rid of any outdoor junk is a must.

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