Pest Control Services in Wellington, FL


Hometown Pest Control offers professional diagnostic and pest control services in Wellington, Florida. During the rainy season in Wellington, residents and business owners can expect to receive an amount of rainfall that is well above the national average. The total annual amount is normally above 60 inches, and this can create an environment that attracts termites, mosquitoes and roaches.

Termite Control in Florida

Termites can infest many kinds of properties, and these pests tend to thrive in moist and humid areas. Moist wood attracts termites, and they can damage baseboards, attics and other wooden structural members. Both subterranean and drywood termites eat this wood. 

Termites often damage property before being detected by the home or business owner. Detecting termite damage is difficult because they tend to thrive in concealed locations and subterranean areas. If they are allowed to continue foraging in these areas, they can cause thousands of dollars in restoration costs. Our professionals utilize a variety of detection and treatment methods in order to help our customers avoid these unnecessary financial burdens.

Bed Bugs in Wellington

Bed bugs are found in most regions of the world because they often latch onto various items during transit. They can find places to hide in suitcases, for example. This is a genuine international pest, for bed bugs can find their way into a traveler's luggage, suitcase or handbag without being detected. Once they get inside the home, they often hide in bedding and other pieces of furniture.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can ruin outdoor events, and they leave painful sores. They also tend to live and breed in areas that experience the kind of humidity found near swamps. The summer months in Wellington are humid, and this is also the time when mosquitoes tend to hatch. Most of their breeding and reproductive activity occurs between March to October, and this is also when many outdoor family and community activities are planned. Our service professionals can help you to enjoy your outdoor event without these uninvited guests.

Wellington Pest Control

The overall climate in Wellington is pleasant, yet this can also attract a variety of pests. Hometown Pest Control can help you to keep your home or business free of mosquitoes, termites and bed bugs. Just contact one of our professionals today. We can give you useful information regarding your specific situation, so contact us as soon as you notice a pest problem.