Termites in South Florida

If you live in south Florida, chances are you will get termites. This part of the state is heavily infested with several types of them. There is a common saying here, “The question is not whether or not my property will get termites; the question is when.”

How Do I Make my Property Less Desirable for Termites?

Subterranean Termites need moisture to survive. Make sure gutters, downspouts and air conditioning drip lines discharge water 16 to 18 inches away from the foundation of the structure. Sprinklers should not be directed towards the side of the structure. Repair any leaky faucets, especially those located on the outside.

If you have foam insulation siding, make sure the siding does not go down below the soil. If it does, trim it so you can see the foundation wall. It is best to trim it 6 to 8 inches above the soil. Do not pile mulch above the edge of the siding either and keep it away from the edge of the structure. Make sure the soil is graded so that water is carried away from the structure. Next time it rains, go outside and see if there is any water draining towards the structure.

Drywood Termites can gain entry by flying into the structure. Make sure your attic vents are screened. Caulk around windows, doors and other edges on exterior surfaces to eliminate entry points (and moisture). Drywood termites can also be brought in so inspect any new furniture, cabinets or any other wooden items to make sure they are not infested.

All types of termites can be deterred by sealing up any cracks in your slabs and making sure your roof is in good condition.

What’s the Best way to Avoid Termite Damage Repairs?

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services states, “Contracts are the best way to protect yourself.” You see, termites are secretive and do their damage behind closed walls and in attics. They may cause damage for several years before you discover them. An annual inspection by a trained professional will help to spot any potential areas before they become a major problem.

When you sign a contract and purchase a Termite Protection Program from a reputable company, you will receive a guarantee. Some guarantees are for “retreatment and repair” and some are for “retreatment only.”

“Retreatment and Repair” contracts are usually written for Subterranean Termites (but do not usually include Formosan termites). If you have this type of termite protection and Subterranean Termites are found at any time during the guarantee period, the company will treat the area where the termites are found at no extra cost to you. The company will also repair any of the wood that the termites have damaged.

“Retreatment only” guarantees are usually written for Drywood Termites. If you have this type of termite protection and Drywood Termites are found at any time during the guarantee period, the company will treat the area where the termites are found at no extra cost to you.

Is there any Way to Keep from Getting Termites in the First Place?

No structure is “termite proof.” But there are ways to help reduce the amount of damage the termites may cause. The first line of protection begins before the structure is built. It is a must to have the soil treated underneath the structure during construction.

If you purchased the structure after it was built, the best way to protect it is to apply a preventative barrier to the soil around the outside of the structure, using a professional-grade termiticide. This will help keep ground-dwelling, Subterranean Termites from infesting it.

To prevent Drywood Termites, it is a good idea to remove the old insulation from the attic and treat all exposed wood timbers with a borate. Once it is dry, install new insulation.

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