Springtime Lawn Prep for Beautiful Summer Landscapes

1. Break Out the Rake

We don’t do much fall raking in this part of the state, but it’s a good place to start with spring lawn upkeep. Dead leaves, tiny twigs and general debris accumulate and form a matt over your turf. Rake it up, add it to your compost pile, and create premium garden mulch.

2. Poke Holes in the Yard

Compact soil and thatch prevent moisture and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s root system. Raking helps, but aeration opens up the soil so that it can breathe and process fertilizers and other lawn treatments throughout the summer. It’s best to aerate the yard when soil is damp but not soaked.

3. Plug, Sod or Re-Seed

Bare and weak spots in the lawn make it easier for weeds to move in. Re-seeding doesn’t require as much muscle as plugging or laying down sod, but you have to nurture newly seeded areas until they’re established. Plugs and sod quickly fix patchy lawns, and they also help control surrounding erosion.

4. Feed Hungry Grass

Most Florida grass stays green year-round, but it’s actually dormant from fall through springtime. Satisfy your yard’s natural appetite before summer sets in with a fertilizer balanced for the soil’s pH levels. We recommend a slow-release fertilizer for most lawns in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Having a well-maintained lawn is key to any Florida home, and lawn and ornamental fertilization will help!

5. Head Off Invasive Weeds

A pre-emergent herbicide gives you a defensive edge against weeds and crabgrass. Think of this type of lawn treatment as a spring routine for healthier summer lawns. Pre-emergents don’t kill existing weeds. Instead, they head off summer yard problems by preventing weeds from germinating.

6. Get Ready for Spring Lawn Pests

Ficus whiteflies, cinch bugs, mole crickets, sod web worms and fire ants are just a few of Florida’s worst lawn pests. Keep grass and turf healthy so that the yard can fend off destructive bugs. If you’re facing a serious infestation, play it safe. Avoid DIY techniques that can be hard on you and the environment. Call in local pest control specialists.

We’re Always Here to Help

When you get that lawn into solid summer shape, sit back, and relax. Wave goodbye to snowbirds, say hello to bluebirds, and enjoy our beautiful spring. If you need any help with fertilizing, weed control or lawn pests in southeast Florida, contact Hometown Pest Control. We’re here for you year-round.

Springtime Lawn Prep for Beautiful Summer Landscapes Pest Control in Delray Beach, FL

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