A Defense Against a Pest Property Invasion in Parkland

Living and working in Parkland, FL, offers many opportunities, activities, and an excellent climate. However, the thing no one wants to deal with are bugs and rodents. Unfortunately, if you do see one, there’s likely more hiding throughout your property. Don’t waste your time on products that may not work or harm the environment if misused. If you have a pest problem, a licensed pest control technician offers various programs to help protect you and your property.

You don’t have to share space with unwanted intruders. Hometown Pest Control’s main priority is to keep you safe from stinging and biting pests. Bugs and rodents can endanger a home’s inhabitants or the structure itself. If you notice a pest issue, a pest management professional will identify the species, the level of infestation and then discuss your options.

A Customized Program for Each Unique Parkland Home

No two homes are the same even if they are in the same neighborhood. Therefore, a skilled pest control technician can identify your home’s needs and can determine how it must be handled differently than your neighbors. We provide an integrated pest management program based on the specific criteria of your property and the pest.

Protecting Parkland, FL Businesses

Wherever there are people, bugs and rodents will follow. It’s a challenge to rebuild your reputation after a customer or health inspector spots a pest. Hometown Pest Control provides you with solid preventive and control measures to protect your business from pests. . Pass inspections, impress your customers, and give peace of mind to your staff with our pest control program.

Free Your House and Business of Pests in Parkland, FL

You don’t have to worry about annoying and possibly dangerous bees, wasps, hornets, termites, mosquitos, and rodents living in or around your property. Hometown Pest Control can help keep your home and business pest-free with regular inspections and treatments.

Our technicians offer various and customized services to homes and businesses throughout Broward County since 1997. We understand the pests common in Florida and the most effective ways to control them.

Parkland General Pest Control

After an initial inspection of your home to identify any current issues, we can treat the area, offer monthly services, and offer callbacks between scheduled visits. If the callback is for a pest that is not covered, there’s a free inspection of your property where we discuss how to get rid of them. Click here to learn more.

Bed Bug Control in Parkland, FL

Called “bed bugs” because they are commonly found in mattresses and box springs, bed bugs can exist anywhere humans are present. You can identify adult bed bugs by their brown and flat appearance before feeding and redden and swells after feeding. Signs you have bed bugs include red itchy welts on your arms and legs and tiny blood splotches on your bedding. To learn more about our bed bug control service, click here.

Stinging Insect Removal

Never attempt to remove bees, hornets, or wasps on your own. A licensed pest control technician applies repellent materials to discourage new colony infestation. Keep your home safe from all stinging pests by clicking here.

Parkland, FL Mosquito Control

You don’t have to deal with mosquitos at every backyard outing. We can help dramatically reduce the mosquito population by inspecting your property and applying materials to mosquito breeding and harborage areas. Click here.

Rodent Control in Parkland

Rats, mice, and other rodents can cause a lot of damage along with spreading diseases. Learn how Hometown Pest Control can trap, eliminate, and prevent them from coming back by clicking here.

Parkland Termite Control

If you notice live swarms, discarded wings, pin-sized exit holes, darkening or blistered wood, and tiny droppings, call for an inspection right away. If not found on time, termites will severely damage your home, and it’s likely your homeowner’s insurance will refuse to cover the damage. Click here to learn more and then schedule a free inspection.

Schedule a free inspection and discuss our various treatment services. Your property deserves the ultimate protection, and we’ll create a program that fits your needs. We have various service plans and options that are available to treat your home or business. Contact one of our professionals today!

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