Free Your Margate, FL Home and Business from Pests

Whether you live here or you are visiting, you’ll never find an end of things to marvel at in Margate, FL. Well-known for access to beaches, theme parks, and golf courses, there seems to be no end of options for nature lovers, thrill-seekers, and those looking for an outdoor adventure.

Spending time outdoors also means battling pests. They, too, seem to enjoy the beautiful Margate weather. It’s hard to enjoy your meal at one of the many outdoor dining venues while swatting away pests.

Pests Will Stay Far Away from Your Margate Home

Just because you cannot see invading insects and rodents, it doesn’t mean they are not there doing potential damage to your home. Termites and rodents can do structural damage, and bed bugs can easily spread. Most of them hide in places in your home where you cannot see. Hometown Pest Control offers various services to take care of every type of pest that is in your home.

Protecting Businesses from Every Type of Pest in Margate, FL

You have enough to worry about regarding your business – pests should be your last thought. If spotted by a client or customer, you may lose their business and your reputation could suffer. Control the situation with a free inspection by Hometown Pest Control. Our continuously trained team of pest control experts offer you the best treatments and services to help pests stay out of your business.

Make Your Property Inhospitable to Pests

Hometown Pest Control offers various treatments and plans for your home and business. No two properties are the same – even if they are in the same neighborhood. Our team treats your issue as the unique situation that it is. We are your pest control experts.

General Pest Control in Margate

After you make the call, we’ll arrive at your home or business for a free initial inspection. Then we will discuss with you the necessary steps to control your pest problem. Learn about our free inspection and your options for treatment. Give us a call to learn more.

Bed Bug Control Margate, FL

You can identify adult bed bugs by their brown and flat appearance before they feed. After feeding they redden and swell. The main sign you have bed bugs are red itchy welts on your arms and legs. Learn more about our bed bug control services.

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects can be extremely dangerous, especially if you suffer from allergies if stung. We know how to remove swarms, hives, and honeycombs from nesting sites. Relying on DIY techniques could lead to a number of problems, so calling a professional is important. Call us to help control stinging insects from your property.

Ficus Whitefly Treatments

Small and pale in appearance, ficus whiteflies can destroy the vegetation on your landscaping. There are treatments that Hometown Pest Control can do to save your ornamental plants. Learn more about how our team treats ficus whiteflies.

Margate, FL Mosquito Control

Enjoy the Margate, FL weather without the threat of mosquitos. Our Mosquito Control program works to control the mosquito population on your property. These pests are a nuisance to many, so it’s important to give us a call at the first sight of an infestation. Give us a call today! 

Rodent Control in Margate, FL

Rodents can not only carry disease, but they can also destroy your home with their feces, urine and can start fires by chewing wires. Make sure they are gone and never return. Learn how Hometown Pest Control works to control rodent infestations by giving us a call.

Termite Control in Margate

Oftentimes, termites aren’t  noticed until there is a substantial termite infestation. This can be a problem since termites can  cause significant damage to your building’s wood structure, and your insurance most likely does not cover damage caused by termites.

A qualified pest management professional can identify the insect or rodent and discuss your options. Take back your home and business from annoying pests by scheduling a free inspection and discussing our one-time treatments, monthly services, and annual services.

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