Pest Control in Coconut Creek, FL

Pest control should be a top priority for homeowners and business proprietors everywhere, including the Coconut Creek, FL area. The expert technicians and exterminators in Coconut Creek at Hometown Pest Control can both prevent and treat virtually any type of infestation. 

Residential Pest Control in Coconut Creek

Your home should be your sanctuary: a place for you and your family to rest, relax and entertain guests. We can help to make sure it stays that way by addressing any pest problems that may strike. When you call Hometown Pest Control for residential pest control, we will perform a thorough inspection of your property and provide an estimate and treatment plan.

Coconut Creek Commercial Pest Control 

It makes good business sense to keep your commercial space pest-free. No matter what type of business you run, Hometown Pest Control can create a customized treatment plan to address your pest problem that limits the chance of any business disruptions. If you suspect an infestation or are interested in preventing a potential one, contact us for commercial pest control.

Pest Control Services in Coconut Creek, FL

Hometown Pest Control staff have many years of experience eradicating insects, vermin, and other pests from homes and businesses.

General Pest Control

No matter what types of pests have taken up residence on your property, the first step to eliminating the problem is a site visit and inspection to assess the severity of the pest problem. We are flexible and will schedule a service call at a time that fits your schedule. We will visit as often as necessary to fix your general pest control needs and prevent future infestations.

Bed Bug Control for Coconut Creek

Bed bugs infest areas where people rest or sleep (often beds) and feed on your blood during the night, leaving you with itchy, swollen bite marks . Once they have entered your home, bed bugs can be extremely difficult to eradicate on your own, and you may even make the problem worse by taking the wrong approach. That’s why it’s best to call a professional to handle Coconut Creek, FL pest control, and bed bug control.

Coconut Creek Stinging Insect Control 

Some stinging insects help to pollinate plants and produce delicious honey, but unfortunately, some species, like wasps, can be a dangerous nuisance. Our technicians are experts at handling wasps and stinging insect control along with other Coconut Creek, FL pest control issues. Techniques for addressing this type of infestation include swarm trap service and nest  removal.

Ficus Whitefly Treatments 

If you value beautiful landscaping, a ficus whitefly problem may be devastating. These tiny insects harm ficus plants, causing discoloration and dropping leaves. Our Coconut Creek, FL pest control experts can get them under control by using ficus whitefly control methods, including the installation of reflective mulch.

Mosquito Control in Coconut Creek, FL

In addition to leaving you with irritating, itchy bites, mosquitoes can carry diseases like Zika and the West Nile virus . Hometown Pest Control can help to reduce their numbers around your home or business. Our mosquito control strategies include identifying standing water (which provides ideal conditions for them to breed) and applying a spray treatment. While there are things you can do on your own to help get rid of mosquitoes, it’s always best to call a professional for Coconut Creek, FL pest control.

Rodent Control in Coconut Creek, FL

Mice and rats will often enter a dwelling or commercial space in search of food and shelter. You can reduce your risk of contracting a rodent infestation by sealing any holes around your building’s foundation and storing all food in secure containers. If you notice droppings, smell urine, or see a mouse or rat on your property, call a Coconut Creek, FL pest control expert as soon as possible. Our rodent control technicians can handle any mouse or rat problem.

Coconut Creek, FL Termite Control

Unlike many other pests, termites can easily escape your notice, but a colony is capable of causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Our technicians know how to handle termite control for all of the species that may attack your home, including drywood termites and subterranean termites. When you’re dealing with termites in Coconut Creek, FL, the stakes are high, so don’t hesitate to Hometown Pest Control. 

Contact Hometown Pest Control

No matter what kind of pest problem is affecting your home or business, our technicians know how to help. Call us today for a quick, free quote on service.

A Few Words From Our Customers..

We have been working with Hometown, for a few years. We always have Cicero M., as our technician. He is always meticulous and on time. Hometown provides more services, than the previous company, we had been using. Glad we changed to Hometown.
Barbara Resnik
Barbara Resnik
15:02 07 Feb 20
People are so nice! They really take their time and listen to your needs
00:51 26 Jan 20
We have used HomeTown pest control for over 4 years. We highly recommend them in all aspects. They have done dry wood termites treatments, monthly house spraying and lawn bug spraying. This company listens and is attentive to your needs and concerns. The technician are courteous and professional. We trust them and recommend Home Town Pest Control of South Florida to everyone.
Bubbymom Kay
Bubbymom Kay
20:50 26 Aug 19
I want to share a Big Thank You to an employee of Hometown Pest Control. Daniel Mendez is more than surface in his work. He saw/showed me infestation of "ants" and other bugs in the house, on the trees and "having gatherings in the lawns" Seriously, I value what he did. Plus, he thoroughly examined the entire area over our home!
Barbara L
Barbara L
19:46 10 Jun 19
This is a professional pest control company. We have used them for a year and plan on continuing. They can get rid of any type of pests including bees at very reasonable prices. There technicians are courteous and thorough.
Karen Rusin
Karen Rusin
12:51 10 Apr 19
I've been happy with the service that Hometown Pest Control provides me on a monthly basis. They spray both the inside and outside of my home.The technicians are friendly and answer any questions that I may have.A good company that services its customers well.
Carla Axelrod
Carla Axelrod
02:18 10 Apr 19
Hometown gives me excellent service. They home every month without fail. Our service guy, Hercules, is pleasant and checks my home and yard thoroughly.
dani B
dani B
22:42 09 Apr 19
Tedson is usually my main person . He is efficient , hard working , very pleasant and dependable . Always calls before he arrives .I had a specific problem with flying ants in my bathroom . A lovely young man Joshua came & took care of the problem . He also checked out my attic & discovered an unrelated issue that I hadn’t known with another company . I was able to take care of it as well . I’m very pleased with my service with Hometown .
Junellen Schleifer
Junellen Schleifer
15:28 09 Apr 19

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