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Your property should be a place you feel comfortable and secure. Worrying about bugs and rodents in your home or business can disturb that peace of mind. Hometown Pest Control offers residential and commercial property pest control services in Boynton Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas..

Our licensed and highly trained technicians offer our knowledge and skills to control pests that find their way into your property. If you suspect there are pests in your home or business, call Hometown. Hometown Pest Control offers free inspections and custom programs to evict your unwanted guests.

Common Pests Found in the Boynton Beach, FL Area

There are many reasons why people want to visit and live in Boynton Beach, FL. Our area offers fantastic weather throughout the year, seaside recreational activities, fine dining, and numerous other activities for adventure seekers of all ages.

With the large amount of human activity, there are bound to be pesky insects and rodents. Hometown Pest Control of Boynton Beach, FL can control  various pests and rodents in your home and business, find out how they got there, and prevent them from returning.

General Pest Control in Boynton Beach

In addition to being a nuisance, insects can cause allergic reactions to people with severe allergies. . Those reactions vary from itchy welts to severe life-threatening problems that affect their health. Hometown Pest Control can inspect your property, identify the insect species, and take control of the problem. We offer monthly service visits and free call-backs for covered pests between your scheduled visits. Click here to learn more.

Boynton Beach Bed Bug Control

Those itchy welts may not be another common biting insect. Bed bugs usually bite when their host is sleeping or relaxing – hence their name. A bed bug infestation is a problem that you likely won’t see until it spreads. where they hide. Bed bugs are easily transported to a new destination unknowingly by a host. 

Stinging Insect Control

While bees do a lot for our ecosystem, they can be dangerous for people who suffer severe allergic reactions to their venom. Protect yourself, family, guests, and pets. Call Hometown Pest Control to remove these harmful insects from your property. Click here for our bee removal and prevention services.

Ficus Whitefly Treatments

If you wonder why your vegetable or ornamental plants and palm trees are not flourishing in the beautiful Boynton Beach weather, it may not be your ability to care for them properly. The culprit may be a ficus whitefly infestation. Since they don’t have natural enemies, ficus whiteflies are free to thrive and destroy vegetation. Hometown Pest Control offers maintenance programs designed to protect your plants. Click here to learn more.

Mosquito Control in Boynton Beach, FL

Take control of your backyard, poolside, deck, or outside dining area without the fear of getting devoured by blood-sucking mosquitos. Hometown Pest Control offers a treatment plan that halts mosquito breeding areas and prevents  them from coming back. Click here for more information on our mosquito treatments.

Boynton Beach, FL Rodent Control

Rodents not only damage your home and property with their gnawing, but they also spread various diseases. If a customer happens to see a mouse or rat in your establishment, it can damage your reputation and cause a possible shutdown from local health departments . Make sure your property stays rodent-free with Hometown. Schedule a free inspection the moment you suspect that there’s a rodent problem.

Termite Control in Boynton Beach, FL

Common in the south Florida area, Subterranean Formosan Termites and Drywood Termites may be tiny, but their numbers can severely damage your property. Most homeowner’s insurance policies refuse to cover termite damage to your home or business. If you see tiny “flies” or weaken wooden areas, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Schedule a consultation with a Hometown Pest Control technician today.

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Hometown Pest Control offers custom plans for your one-time or recurring pest problem. Call today to learn more.

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