Pest Control Services for Belle Glade, FL Properties

Belle Glade, FL, is known for its sugarcane and sunshine, and it is known to many people as Florida’s Heartland. You’ll find fantastic weather and history in the area.

With this pride in the area, the one thing residents and business owners don’t want is a problem with pests and rodents. Once you realize that you may have a pest problem, call the licensed and experienced team at Hometown Pest Control for all your pest control problems. In business since 1997, we’ll inspect your property to find out how those pests entered your location and work to get rid of them.

Pest Control in Belle Glade, FL

Your home is probably your most significant investment. Don’t let termites, bed bugs, and rodents bring down your property’s value. We take your pest problem seriously. Let us find the source and work to control your home’s invaders.

Commercial Pest Control in Belle Glade, FL

Don’t let your customers see a rodent or insect on your property. The last thing you need is a tarnished reputation. Luckily, Hometown Pest Control provides solutions that can help stop pest problems before they even start.

Keeping Your Property Free of Pests

Hometown Pest Control protects your property with regular inspections and treatments with our extensive knowledge of the variety of insects and other pests that thrive in the area.

General Pest Control

Contact us to get  pests under control and keep them from returning to your home or property. We offer free inspections, monthly services, and free call-backs for covered pests between scheduled visits. Learn about our General Pest Control in Belle Glade, FL plan. 

Belle Glade, FL, Bed Bug Control

Are you noticing small red itchy welts on your arms and legs? These could be from bed bug bites! Adult bed bugs appear brown and flat before feeding and turn red and swell after feeding. Learn about our bed bug control services in Belle Glade, FL.

Stinging Insect Control in Belle Glade

If you have a swarm of bees, wasps, or hornets on your property, rely on experts in controlling and removing their nesting sites. Don’t try to remove the hive or nest on your own. Bees, wasps, or hornets swarm faster than you can run and are quite aggressive. Learn about how we can help control stinging insects in and around your Belle Glade, FL home.

Ficus Whitefly Treatments

These small pale, yet destructive insects can destroy so much beautiful vegetation on your property if left untreated. Since they don’t have natural enemies in the Belle Glade, FL, they are free to thrive. Learn more about ficus whitefly treatments and how Hometown Pest Control can help!

Belle Glade Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes make it difficult to enjoy the beautiful weather as well as dissuade customers from visiting your business. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin an event or your opportunity to relax on your own property. We have programs that will tackle your mosquito problem. Learn more!

Rodent Control in Belle Glade, FL

Since they carry viruses and can destroy your property, rodents are a cause for concern . Let the Belle Glade rodent control experts trap, remove, and work to prevent them from coming back.

Termite Control for Your Belle Glade, FL Home

If termites are not found on time, they can cause expensive damage to your home. And worse yet, it’s possible your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage. Schedule a regular inspection so we can help you stop termites throughout your home, click here for more information.

Schedule a free inspection and discuss our one-time treatments, monthly services, and annual services. Hometown Pest Control has various service plans and options available to treat your Belle Glade, FL property. Take control of your pest problem. Call us today!

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