Parkland Pest Control


This relatively rural community is a haven for a variety of pests. Of course, they are attracted to many of the same things that people love about this area:  how accessible the Everglades are, which lie directly to the west of the city limits, and its picturesque beauty. And, as is the case in the rest of South Florida, pests in general and insects in particular are attracted to the area’s wet, warm climate.

Fortunately, those who take advantage of pest control can dramatically lessen the impact that they have on their lives and those of their loved ones. These professionals help ensure that pests such as rodents, bees and mosquitoes do not enter the living areas and will remove them if they have already made themselves at home there.

Rodent Control

It is important to make sure that your interactions with rodents are kept to a minimum for several reasons. For example, they often carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These can include Lyme disease, salmonella and typhus. Rodents are also known to have caused a significant amount of damage to houses located in communities throughout South Florida such as chewed-through wires and damaged woodwork and pipes. Fires have even been started by rodents chewing through wires.

One thing that you can do to help prevent this from becoming an issue in the first place is to seal all of your home’s potential entry points. However, if you discover that rodents have made their way inside, make sure to consult a pest control specialist, as these pests can reproduce at pretty startling rates.

Bee Control

Unfortunately, Africanized bees have become much more commonplace in Parkland. These types of bees are a bit more aggressive and sensitive when it comes to protecting their nests and have even been known to chase people for about a quarter of a mile before returning home. Of course, the most known danger that they present to humans is stinging as these can be quite painful and are dangerous if done in high numbers. Also, those who are allergic to bee stings can suffer severe reactions from just one.

Fortunately, pest control specialists can safely remove hives from near or inside your home to ensure that you and your loved ones will no longer be under constant threat from bees.

Mosquito Control

Of course, mosquitoes are well known for providing their human hosts with itchy red bumps on their skin. However, it is more important to note that Florida mosquitoes can carry and pass on a variety of diseases such as encephalitis, dengue fever and West Nile virus. Unfortunately, mosquito bites occur throughout the year in the Parkland area due to how warm the winters are here.

For these reasons, it is important to keep them away from your homes and protect yourself with a spray or similar substance that contains DEET. Of course, covering your body with pants and long-sleeved shirts helps as well. Also make sure to remove all standing water from near your home as mosquitoes can multiply quite quickly when provided with even a minuscule amount of it.

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