Jupiter, FL Pest Control

Hometown Pest Control provides exceptional pest control services for our residential and commercial customers in the areas around Jupiter, Florida. This is an extremely pleasant place to live, work and retire. The climate in this region is warm all year long; however, the summer months are known for a high level of humidity, and this attracts many pests to the area. The most common pests that invade homes and business properties are bed bugs, ants, and silverfish. They may also appear during other times of the year because these pests are always searching for sources of food and water. Our professionals can help you correctly identify and eliminate each of these pests from your property.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have round bodies and small heads. They are difficult to detect because they often enter your home or business during a move. When items with fabric or other materials are being transported from one location to another, a bud bug can latch onto the furniture, drapes or clothing. They will migrate to the bedroom area because they come out at night when people are sleeping. They will bite into the flesh of the person to draw a meal of blood, and they leave small red marks on the skin. Even though these bites do not generally transmit any diseases, they can itch or get infected. They will lay eggs in the lining of the bed, which makes it difficult to get rid of the colony. Our professional pest-control experts are adept at using the best methods for detection, identification, and elimination of these bothersome night pests.

Ants in Florida

Ants have segmented bodies, and they are known for being very strong insects. They can carry several times their body weight in food, and they tend to send scouts looking for sources of food and water. If you see a few ants in your home or office, they could be an early warning sign of an infestation about to occur. We advise customers in Florida to contact our experts at the first sign of an ant infestation because they are difficult to control once they get into the building.

Florida Silverfish Infestations

Silverfish have elongated bodies, and they do not have wings. The body of this insect is light silver with a blue tint. There are two long antennae that protrude from the small head, and the silverfish also moves in a way that resembles a fish in water. They are agile and difficult to control, and they tend to appear in areas where there is moisture or small pools of water. Examples include bathrooms and swimming pool areas. Our professionals can assist you with eliminating these pests from your property.

Insect Control in Jupiter, FL

Our professionals can handle any pest infestation of bed bugs, ants or silverfish in your Florida property. We have the tools and training necessary to inspect the common areas where these pests hide and build their colonies or nests. Our treatment program is designed to customize the solution to meet your specific needs. This might involve a single treatment or several treatments throughout the year. We have several options available, and you can discuss your needs with a friendly representative at your convenience. Contact Hometown Pest Control for a free quote on our pest elimination services.