Prepare Your Landscape for the Summer

Make sure your lawn not only looks its best but continues to flourish under the Floridian sun. Not only do property owners have to worry about the climate, but pesky pests, invasive weeds, and lawn diseases wreak havoc on your lush landscape. Save the time and trouble doing battle with nature and the elements. Expert and knowledgeable Florida lawn maintenance services allow your green landscape to continue looking perfect through the seasons.

Keep the Weeds Away

The sight of weeds on your lawn can certainly be annoying, but a calculated treatment to your lawn can deter weeds from appearing in the first place.

No matter how strong the sun blazes on your lawn, proper fertilization treatment, watering, and mowing promote grass growth while battling weeds. To control the growth of weeds, your technician may use pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicides that will help your turf develop.

Encouraging Healthy Green Lawns

One way to enhance your property’s value is by maintaining a gorgeous lawn. Keeping your lawn thriving throughout the year takes expertise on knowing how to care for your yard from the grass to its roots. Using a custom program, the right fertilizer, and pest control tailored to your property’s needs should help improve its appearance.

Taking care of your lawn on your own is a challenge, especially when there are many products available to the consumer. However, a professional offers in-depth knowledge on what issue is affecting your landscape. Misusing fertilizer, inaccurate mowing, or an ill-timed watering schedule may harm your lawn and stop it from looking full and lush.

If your lawn is brown, the Florida heat may not be the blame. Your lawn may suffer from a fungal disease such as brown patch, take-all root rot, or gray leaf spot. Have your property thoroughly inspected to discuss the proper fungicide measures to impede or stop its spread.

Protect Lawns from Pests

Bugs see your lawn and shrubs as a readily available meal. It takes a regular application to keep them at bay. While Florida’s tropical climate welcomes residents and travelers to enjoy the beautiful weather all year long, it also encourages bugs without a hibernation break.

Typical Florida lawn and ornamental pests include:

  • Chinch bugs
  • Armyworms
  • Webworms
  • Fire ants
  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs
  • Scales
  • Spider mites
  • Whiteflies

Not using insecticide correctly can cause resistance problems, environmental contamination and negatively affect your family, guests, and pets. It’s always better to allow a professional to tackle any infestation.

Protect Those Gorgeous Palm Trees

Palm trees are not immune to pests and diseases. No matter the size of your palm tree, look out for royal palm bugs, spiraling whiteflies, and conditions like lethal yellowing and fungal infections that cause severe damages to your tree.

If you notice foliage discoloration, defoliation, premature loss of fruit on fruit-bearing trees, a swirling white pattern on leaves, or a white waxy discoloration, call Hometown Pest Control at 561-907-8643 to inspect and provide you a solution to save your palms.

Cold-Weather Palm Care

Keep your palms looking majestic all year long. When the temperature dips, you’ll receive valuable advice on how to care for your palm during cold snaps to prevent any injury from leaves to roots. Palm trees of all sizes and shapes make your landscape stand out from your neighbors.

Stop worrying about what’s harming your landscape and leave it to the experts. Hometown Pest Control specializes in providing expert care to prevent and stop weeds, insects, and diseases that attack lawns, ornamentals, and palm trees throughout South Florida.