How Spring Cleaning Helps Prevent Pests

Less Clutter to Hide In

If your basement is a full of dark and cluttered corners, pests will have no trouble finding a place to live. Rodents and a variety of bugs will find these areas attractive for nesting. Removing clutter as part of your spring cleaning checklist can eliminate these popular hiding spots. Make use of garbage bags to collect things you want to throw away and items that you can sell or donate to charity. Don’t store loose items directly on your basement floor; organizing items into cabinets and shelves helps eliminate homes for pests.

Clutter in your yard can also provide homes for lucky pests. Cutting back vegetation around your home can encourage pests to look elsewhere for a place to live. Furthermore, utilizing lawn and ornamental fertilization will not only make your yard stand out, improving plant growth and health.

Removal of Food Sources

Open boxes and containers of food can attract a steady population of pests into your kitchen. Ants in particular are resourceful and stubborn pests that will find any available food supply. During your cleaning session, carefully go through every package of food in your kitchen. Toss expired items into the garbage or compost. For staple items, including flour, cereal and sugar, use plastic containers with lids to store and protect these items from pests.

No More Free Water

Pests that get into your home will search for water to keep them alive. A forgotten leaky pipe in the basement, for example, can give these pests all the water that they need. Your spring cleaning routine should include checking any potential spots for moisture buildup, including the space around all of your plumbing fixtures.

Your yard is likely home to accessible water as well. Flip over containers or other objects that could potentially hold water for mosquitoes and other pests to use. Avoid over-watering plants and grass to prevent excess water from collecting on your yard.

Seal Entry Points

Checking the windows and doors of your home for gaps can help you spot available openings that small pests can use to get into your home. Use caulk to close up these welcome mats for obnoxious pests. You should also check your window screens for holes. As the weather warms up, you’ll probably have your windows open more often.

Get Your Florida Pest Control Services from Hometown

A thorough spring cleaning routine helps clean your home up for the summer and can cut down on the number of pests you’ll see. If you need more help to prevent pests from taking over your home, contact Hometown Pest Control today.

How Spring Cleaning Helps Prevent Pests Pest Control in Delray Beach, FL

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