Have a Pest Free Holiday

A pest invasion is the last thing you need when you’re entertaining holiday guests.

Our technicians at Hometown Pest Control do much more than simply eliminate existing pests. Since they have extensive training in pest biology, they know how to limit reproduction and pinpoint conditions that invite trouble.

Below is a list of common pests around the counties of Broward and Palm Beach. It will give you a better idea of why pests are attracted to your home, how they get in and what they’re after.

1.) Ants get in through tiny cracks throughout your home. They’re attracted to moisture and food sources.

Some species are mere nuisances, but carpenter ants can make a mess of solid wood when they’re clearing space for a nest. Fire ants create huge mounds wherever they please and sting like mad.

2.) There’s been a widespread bed bug epidemic in recent years. These annoying pests stow away in the luggage or clothing of international travelers. Even the ritziest hotels battle bed bugs.

Bed bugs live on human blood. They can hide just about anywhere. Since they’re highly resistant to ordinary pesticides, getting rid of them is a job for the experts.

3.) As carriers of disease, flies should be taken seriously. Since they breed in garbage, compost and other decaying matter, any surface on which they land is dangerously contaminated.

4.) Ponds, birdbaths and even puddles are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Females don’t bite because they’re hungry. They bite because they need blood in order to reproduce. The damage of just one mosquito bite ranges from ruining a good night’s sleep to transmitting a deadly disease. Citizens in every state were infected when West Nile virus spread through the U.S. in 1999.

5.) Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that keep hidden and multiply rapidly. They often enter your home by burrowing in whatever you carry in.

Cockroaches are not especially dirty, but they thrive in warm, squalid conditions. Infestation has been linked to asthma in children.

6.) Even large rodents somehow wriggle through tiny openings. Traps are somewhat effective until smart rats figure out how to avoid them.

Not only do rodents carry a number of diseases, but they can do serious property damage. When they’re not after your food, they’re scrounging for materials that are suitable for nests.

You may not know that rodents gnaw obsessively because their incisors never stop growing.

Don’t let pests put a damper on your season or interfere with holiday entertaining. Call Hometown Pest Control today. No pest problem is beyond our expertise, and we can recommend the protection plan that’s best for your home.