Did You Know? Hometown Pest Control is a Certified Drug Free Workplace

DELRAY BEACH, Florida —Hometown Pest Control, Inc. has implemented a State of Florida Drug Free Workplace Program. The employees of Hometown Pest Control, Inc. commit to being drug and alcohol free.

Drug and alcohol abuse affects everyone, regardless of age, profession, ethnic, and educational background.  The use of illegal drugs and  the abuse of alcohol and prescription medications has entered the workplace at an alarming rate.

At Hometown we recognize that substance abuse is a problem in this state and country and that tolerance of such abuse enables it to flourish.  We believe the use of illegal drugs and abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol endangers the health and safety of the abusers, their family, their friends, their co-workers and our customers.

Sal Yanello, President Hometown Pest Control said, “Hometown Pest Control has adopted a Standard of Conduct that formally states that alcohol and substance abuse will not be tolerated.  We are committed to creating a drug and alcohol free workplace without jeopardizing our valued employees’ job security.”

At Hometown we are committed to ensure a safe working environment and to employ a staff that is free from the effects of substance abuse.