Coral Springs, FL Pest Control & Lawn Care

The humid and hot climate throughout the Coral Springs, Florida area is the perfect environment for the development of issues with several different types of pests. These can include ants, mosquitoes, and other varieties of insects. Additionally, the sandy and clay based soil in Florida can create a unique need for lawn care treatments that cater to this specific soil type. How can you detect a problem with pests and how should you handle infestations? The information provided below is designed to assist you with this process.

Ant Control

Ants can commonly be found in and around the home, especially during the summer months. They come into the home in search of food and water, making your kitchen prime real estate. While ants are not dangerous and most varieties do not bite, they can quickly get out of hand and invade your food supply. Ants live in large colonies, and once one ant finds a good source of food, it will alert the others using a unique scent trail. This means you can quickly find your kitchen and pantry overrun with ants, leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated.

To take care of an ant infestation properly, the entire colony needs to be located and destroyed. While self-treatment options may seem easy, they remain largely ineffective at treating the entire colony making do-it-yourself treatments more time-consuming and costly in the long run. An experienced pest control company can take care of your ant population quickly and effectively, preventing them from returning to further bother you.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes may be small, but they are extremely annoying and bothersome to many Florida residents. Since their primary source of food is human blood, they tend to be relentless in their search for human hosts to feed off of. They are attracted to stagnant water, so you are likely to find them near puddles and other water sources. Since they do feed on blood, mosquitoes have also been known to carry and transfer various blood-borne illnesses to humans, making them a potential health hazard as well. If you are experiencing issues with mosquitoes in your home or backyard, a qualified pest control company can help you gain control over these pesky insects.

Lawn Care

Florida soil has a unique sandy profile, making lawn care difficult for many homeowners in this area. Sandy and clay based soil can make it harder to grow lush, thick grass without special treatments that can help promote a stronger root and give your lawn better nutrition. Additionally, palm trees and other vegetation common to the Florida area are prone to specific diseases and infestations, requiring special care to keep them healthy. If you are having issues with the aesthetics of your lawn, a company that is experienced in the latest treatment options and technologies can help you improve the condition of your lawn and surrounding areas.

At Hometown Pest Control, we understand the need to provide a safe and comfortable home for yourself and your loved ones. If you're experiencing issues with bothersome pests or in need of specialized lawn care, contact Hometown Pest Control for a free evaluation and quote for a targeted treatment plan suited to your specific needs.