Coconut Creek, FL Pest Control Services

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Bed bugs, bees, wasps and termites are commonplace in southern Florida. Unfortunately, Coconut Creek has the mild, humid weather that these noxious pests love. This means that almost every homeowner has experienced some type of contact with unwanted insects. If you're worried about bugs, we have solutions that will solve the worst infestations. Our experts are trained to manage, remove and prevent all common pest problems.

Bed Bug Control

Not that long ago, bed bugs were considered a pest of the past. Today, they are headline news. These bloodsucking insects thrive in hotels, homes, schools and movie theaters. A fun outing or family vacation can leave with you an unexpected memory and a lingering problem. Fortunately, we have multiple methods for eradicating these stubborn pests in all indoor environments. Our multi-prong treatment programs target bed bugs in their most discreet hiding places. We also provide protective encasements to keep your bedding free from these nasty bugs and their eggs.

Bee Removal

Wasps and bees aren't only hazardous to folks with allergies. Aggressive colonies can swarm any unsuspecting passerby. There are news stories every year about people who are attacked by bees while doing yard work or attempting to remove a nest. In just one season, a bee colony can build a honeycomb that weighs more than 25 pounds. These are usually found in attics, above soffits and behind walls. Some bees nest in wood, and many bumblebee species nest in the ground where they can be easily disturbed. Over the past 15 years, Africanized honeybees have become a growing concern in Coconut Creek and Broward County. Our experts specialize in carefully removing all stinging insects. We can also place paper traps around your property to attract swarms and prevent bees from entering your home.

Termite Control

Coconut Creek is in a high-risk zone for termite infestations. Many homeowners have already experienced how quickly termites can destroy a building. In our climate, it pays to be vigilant. If you've seen signs of termite damage or are worried about potential problems, we have the solution. Our all-in-one services were developed to protect homes from drywood, eastern subterranean and Formosan termites. We manage subterranean termites with periodic inspections and perimeter treatments. Drywood termites can be treated locally or with tent fumigation. If a new problem arises while you have our subterranean termite protection plan in place, we'll pay to repair any new damage.

Our specialists use proven methods and the latest technology to prevent or control infestations. At Hometown Pest Control, we're prepared to manage all pests and to keep your home or business safe from unwanted visitors.