Caring for Your Palms after the Storm

Now that the storm has passed you may have noticed that your palms have suffered some wind damage. Instead of a lush, full canopy, your palms may have been stripped of many of their fronds (leaves). There may be only a few fronds left on the palm, the fronds may be bent down, or in severe cases all of the fronds are gone.

If the palm is void of all fronds it can take months for new growth to emerge. In some cases the new leaves may not look normal-they could be shorter, abnormally shaped, or off color but over time normal leaves will appear. It will take a year or longer for the entire canopy to develop. As long as the bud (the area that all new leaves emerge from) is not damaged, a new canopy will be produced, and it will replace the canopy damaged by the hurricane. There is no way to predict which palms will survive wind damage and which ones will not.

For palms that were not uprooted, maintain the same fertilization program that you have currently. If you do not have a fertilization program in place for the palms on your property, Hometown Pest Control would be happy do an inspection and provide a quote for you at no charge. Please give us a call today.

Additional information can be found in the UF IFAS Publication:

Hurricane-Damaged Palms in the Landscape: Care after the Storm, by Monica L. Elliott and Timothy Broschat

Follow the link: